TW: Childhood SA

I’ve been struggling a lot today with my trauma. I have a lot of self doubt and feelings of shame that sometimes manifest into self loathing. Brief explanation of trauma below, please read with caution. Nothing graphic.

I was s*xual abused by a slightly older male family member at a very young age (I suspect he was also being abused and used me as a coping mechanism). It happened for many years with varying degrees of abuse. The first therapist I ever spoke to about it said that since we were both young, it wasn’t abuse (but did classify it as abuse once we got older and it continued). I feel extremely confused about the younger years and feel like my pain was dismissed. Have any other survivors had issues with their therapists dismissing their trauma?

(I do not see this therapist anymore)(I am hoping to find a new therapist this summer)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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