I’ve never liked the sun light. The piercing sun I’m my eyes, the sound of kids screaming as they play in the sun, how the world is out of the house and enjoying the sun light. When it’s cloudy and raining, the kids aren’t outside, no one is out of their house. I find peace in that. The clouds reflecting in my blue eyes. The stillness of the thunder as it echos. Sometimes I like to stand in the rain and let my tears mix in with the rain dripping down my eyelashes. The tears fall and the rain falls as they are both trying to release the pain that the sunny days brought. Maybe it’s because the cloudy days aren’t as frequent as the sunny ones and I crave those days that don’t feel like the same day on repeat. We’re the world goes quite and I can finally breathe. Maybe that’s why I don’t leave my bed when the sun comes in through my window, the world wakes up and I lay in my bed wanting it all to stop. Pull the covers over my head and listen to the sound of rain on my radio, hoping that the sound will bring me back to the peace of when the world goes quite.


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  • SuicideShrimp


    I feel this.. and it’s like I’m not happy when things are happening around me if it was all still I could feel free to just exist without the pain

  • Gwen71



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