how does one go on okay after the passing of a parent? it's been over a year and it feels like the pain is never going to end or get any better. in fact, it feels so wrong to continue with my life when theirs ended.

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  • GroceryEater


    By continuing to express and release grief. Grief can last for ever. Only thing is, over time, it should hurt less. Don’t bury it🫂🫂🫂

  • proudcloud


    I'm so truly sorry for your loss. That is my greatest fear. I hope you find peace and hope during your time of need. Again I'm so sorry.

  • MommySmiles


    I lost my daddy in 85 (I was 11) & my mom in 99 (I was 28 & pregnant with my second child). The world still doesn't seem quite right without them, but we have to keep moving on... If you need to talk, please private message me.

  • Harley.Q


    My dad passed away unexpectedly by heart attack it devastated me but I've had a lot of loss in my life before that so I learned early on how to cope my dad was a hard worker and a big time motorcycle rider that's what he loved to do he taught me all about working on cars and diesel machines and before he died I was still pretty bad on drugs so a year after he'd passed I went to rehab got off meth and the needle I felt like he never got to see me get cleaned but when I posted something on fb about it one of his buddy's from the ghost riders club told me my dad knew and is very proud of me because that's all he wanted was for me to get clean... ik he was in lots of pain because when I was a teenager he had a ruptured disc I'm his back so he had to have surgery and the dr messed him up worse doing things in the surgery he wasn't supposed to do so he lost all feeling in the backs of his legs and bottoms of his feet and had a titanium cage and plate put in on his second back surgery and I found out my dad was really stressed especially after him and my mom got into a car accident with a 18wheeler so my point is just think of it like this your parent may not be there physically but they are spiritually and they are in a better place you can still talk to them and most all parents want their child to not dwell on what happened they want you to move on that don't mean forget about them it just means still live your life and be as happy as you can be. They want you to live ur life in the best way possible and just know they are with you always I had a near death experience recently, I almost fell over a waterfall I tell everyone that I swear my dad saved me I landed on my head from about 7-8 foot off a tree onto a rock but somehow I didn't have a concussion or a knot or even a sore spot on my head but I also feel like it was my dad smacking me in the head telling me "smarter not harder" like he used to always say to me and if he'd been alive and been there once he made sure I was ok he would of popped me on the back of the head telling me I needed to listen and be more careful. I hope that even though I said a bunch of gibberish that you understand what I'm saying. Don't let the depression of them not being there keep u down let yourself grieve and remember them but think of the good times don't dwell on the end of their life allow urself to see they are in a much better place and will always be there with you even if you can't see or touch them they are still there. I'm sorry for your loss hun I understand the pain death of a parent brings but I've learnt how to deal with the grief and not let it overwhelm me. I'll keep u in my prayers...

  • Zeeloo


    😥 I just recently lost my grandma who was like a mom to me. I feel your pain. But I know that your parent would want you to move forward and live your life to the fullest. Try to stay strong and carry on. Sending hugs and hopes for healing and peace in your heart.

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