Hi guys…. so I’ve started PD about 2 months ago, and now my feet and ankles are swelling. before PD even with poor kidneys I didn’t go through this, my BP is not high either. Has anyone else experienced this?

Edema and Anasarca

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  • Joey0968


    Are you diabetic?

  • Yufufu


    It's best to ask your care team, since sometimes it means that your dry weight & treatment goals aren't being matching; when doing the machine. Hopefully they can give you some answers and get you feeling better. 👍

  • DaniBear


    you are definitely not getting enough dialysis if your body is holding onto liquid. i only ever had edema in my fingers but when it was bad i would do green bags for a couple nights instead of yellow. you probably just need more fluid pulled or more cycles. i would call your dialysis nurse for sure

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