How do i recover from Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia Nervosa

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  • Mosey


    I’d recommend seeing a psychiatrist and therapist (preferably in the same practice, things go usually smoother that way) and making a plan, depending on severity they may do outpatient, residential, or for extremely severe cases inpatient. I’ve never done inpatient but I did residential at a facility in Alabama, and they were wonderful, my outpatient care was helpful, it was mostly just working with me to help put in place what I learned in residential.

    • Mosey


      Not saying you have to go to the same state I did, there’s likely facilities within a state or two of you if your case is severe enough to warrant it, it’s just a matter of what insurance will cover. And I know residential sounds scary due to it usually being at least a couple months, but as long as you make sure it’s a good facility, you should be fine.

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