Anyone ever just get in so much pain that they drink to try and block it out?

Generalized pain

Edema and Anasarca

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Elizalo


    Alcohol has never been my friend so sadly no. It makes my swelling soooooo much worse.

    • trademarkspoonie


      I know. It seems to help up front but then make things worse

      • Elizalo


        I’m a bid medical marijuana advocate. It’s made my pain far more manageable than literally anything else I’ve tried.

  • MaggieQuinn


    Yes, I️’m completely transparent with my doctors (it’s the only way to get anywhere) and this is SUPER common. I️ have an amazing doctor in Hartford and when I️ told him I️ drink a box of wine a week his NP laughed and said “I️ drink more than that and I️ don’t have pain.” It made me feel a lot more comfortable.

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