Does anyone have recommendations of good lotions that don’t trigger more hives? Not really something to treat the hives but just like a good moisturizerizing lotion that feels good and doesn’t react badly with hives but obviously if there is something out there that isn’t too expensive that also helps soothe the skin that would help to know too!
I have CIU plus angioedema so if you do too and can help with this please let me know!:)


Skin Itch

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  • SallySocialWorker


    I use vanicream! It’s suggested for exzema and hypo allergenic. I’ve had good luck with it! Also suggested by my allergist!

  • bojanglesbiscuit


    I think it’s called Sarna. It’s a cooling body lotion - helps with my itch and it’s not greasy

  • Vexx


    I'm pretty much a hippie so I make my own.

  • KT333


    I use kiehls brand there stuff has always been gentle and worked well for me



    I use Nivea in shower body lotion. It feels good when I’m having a flare :)

  • EWilds


    I use sarna and the cerave anti-itch version! I find they both help relieve the itching at least for a while.

  • Diasycup


    My derm and allergist both have me use vanicream EVERYTHING. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion. It's a lifesaver

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