My doctor suspected fibroids and suggested me for ultrasound. what should i know? are fibroids dangerous?

Uterine Fibroids

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  • incogneato


    No, not necessarily but it does depend on your situation. Mine were found after I was pregnant and my baby died at 20 weeks. But many people have perfectly healthy pregnancies with fibroids. And many women don’t even know they have them.

  • Lexi0719


    Had them twice , going for my second surgery next month, most are benign and cause no harm

  • Dibs


    The ultrasound might be a little uncomfortable (they put the probe up your vagina). Fibroids are only an issue when they're symptomatic. Most women have them and don't even know until they are found incidentally. The dangers with fibroids are related to the symptoms (excessive bleeding, etc)

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