I'm curious to know when people will stop acting like cerebral palsy is something I'm supposed to grow out of? even this app calls it infintile. I'm 30 now and I definitely still have it.

Cerebral Palsy

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  • Toaster


    Right?! It’s annoying..why it can’t just be called “cerebral palsy” is beyond me

  • Butterfly81


    It all comes down to education (I see think this is where the political and/or religious divide comes in.

  • Butterfly81


    *(I think this is where the political/religious divide comes in.)

  • Brent


    Agreed Cerebral Palsy is a chronic condition and will effect you all your life. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and the doctor said that my mild cerebral palsy played a role in my bad back.

    • QueenSnow


      I have a bad back also because my left leg is shorter than my right leg.

  • notJune


    So frustrating! I think it's called "infantile" because that's when it's typically diagnosed, but it is very demoralizing to see a continued erasure of folks with CP who live full and satisfying adult lives!

  • Ariishiya


    Honestly all the doctors I've ever had refer it as cerebral palsy (CP) and then depending on what side effects, so how my doctor would refer to is right hemiplegic cerebral palsy... But I do understand where everyone is coming from, I had people who say "oh you'll just know get over it, acquaintance said that if I just prayed and meditate that God would take my condition away for me... It hurts me because I tried to explain to them it's not like a emotional issue that I can just clear my head and it'll be fine...

  • mini_lady


    I'm also dealing with this issue. My social security got taken away because they didn't consider me disabled enough. And their response was because I wasn't stupid , bent to a wheelchair and my mom making 12 dollars an hour . Even though I was supposed to have social security for the rest of my life 😅 .

  • Dots_Thepup


    With all my physical therapy I've had (35 now) a lot of people I reseen now as a adult they are like wow you don't have CP anymore (it makes me roll my eyes)

  • Lisa9773



  • starsfan82


    I think it comes down to education too. I was diagnosed at 6 months old and had continuous physical therapy until I was almost 20. (Almost 40 now) While I had wonderful therapists to get me to where I am today, they didn't really prepare me for what would come in adulthood.

  • boppysocks


    Yes! I totally agree! Even in the medical field, they don't have a doctor just for adults with cerebral palsy. I was release when I was about 14 years old because the orthopedic couldn't do any more surgeries but I still have this condition and I'll have it my entire life. Each season of My Life is another thing that I need to get used to with this condition. But no doctors for us!

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