I dropped out of college when my depression started because I couldn't make myself go to class, especially after I moved off campus. Now I'm afraid to start school again, but I need to do something to get a better job and stop working at places that don't need ME, they just need someone to do the work. I'm trying to work up the courage to just get a general associates degree at the community college, I'm afraid because after that I'll have to get a bachelor's degree in something, and then maybe a master's if I do something that needs one. I'm afraid of not being able to do the things I want to because I'd have to go to school first


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • NopeItsVal


    Honestly in the same boat. I’m taking some time off school at a job I at least I’m good at and can tolerate. After that I’ll try to ease myself back into academia through a few community college classes, and if all goes well there enrolling in a masters program and finishing my degree. Another struggle was I had a crisis of if the degree I was getting was even something I wanted to spend my live doing, which is mostly resolved at this point, but taking time to reflect and think (along with working with a therapist about it) helped with that.

  • Ashleyphoenix


    I experienced depression, anxiety, and Adhd symptoms in college and it definitely had a huge impact on my ability to study, sleep, and get decent grades. I failed a class and had to retake it. I decided to go to therapy and got on medication and it got a lot better to manage. My symptoms didn't go away completely, but certain tasks became easier and allowed me to have more motivation and focus more. I also realized that a reason I wasn't as motivated was because of what I was studying, it wasn't something I was as passionate about. I switched my major to psychology because I learned how passionate and interested I was in mental health. I would encourage you to continue to reach out for supports and utilize/find what helps you maintain your own mental well-being.

  • Jack2021


    I get you. I left my last job because I felt that they don’t care about me or their other employees, they just need someone to get the job done. You sound brave and ambitious, and I think you’ll get back on track. I wish you the best!

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