I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and Graves disease. they pendulum one to the other i dont have both active at the same This has cause me to develope Thyroid Eye Disease . Gain lots of weight, Diabetes i believe from my medication. I'm scares because it's rare and I can't find a qualified Dr to treat this. Not sure what to do


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  • dollipop


    Okay so not an expert or professional but my grandmother was diagnosed with both initially. Turns out she actually just had hashimoto's that was causing spikes in her thyroid hormone production when her flare ups calmed down. Medication was making it worse because when she wasn't in an active flare up her levels would be extremely high. She also developed thyroid eye disease. The best thing for her was removal or radioactive iodine ablation to make her thyroid nonfunctional and just put her on hormones.

    • dollipop


      She went with radioactive iodine ablation because it is more successful and less invasive than surgical removal.

  • sharlon


    Thank you do much for that!!

  • Annie67


    I did the radiation ablation. My saliva glands haven't been the same since and you have to take meds for hypothyroidism for the rest of your life. But it's worth it.

  • renewed


    I just fired my old endocrinologist for not acknowledging any of the natural things I've learned to do that have been incredibly helpful. I joined instead. The doctors seem like they're going to be so much better! You can do it from anywhere.

  • DontFret


    How were you diagnosed? Were you tested for both Hashimoto’s antibodies (TPO, Tg) and Graves’ antibodies (TSI)?

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