anyone else get this one specific area of nerve pain under the breast area or just any recurring hotspots?

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  • CrazyPlantQueen


    Yep! But on my whole body! Every day is different though. Some days it’s behind my knee, my ankle, my hip….

  • Kymbunz


    Yes I use a heating pad and caster oil on the spot

  • Jinx66


    I often get nerve pain under my boobs and in my rib cage I tend to use medical marijuana or heat to help but also applying pressure in the area your receiving the pain

  • Quincy


    Especially after getting top surgery the nerves hurt like hell even though it's been a year and a half. I get pains in other places too though.

  • SoLongDott


    Yes, I have many spots like that. Under my right rib and lower right abdomen are the spots that flare up most.

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