I'm on disability and want to be in a relationship. Is anybody here on SSI or with someone on SSI. I just don't know what to tell women. If I tell them they leave. I'm tired of being alone. I've been waiting to go back to school but don't think I can afford it.


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  • RogueDream


    Hey, I’m in the process of trying to get ssi if that helps and my wife gets ssi because she has a muscle disease. I would recommend when you tell them you’re on ssi to not go into full detail about it until you know the relationship will be serious, when I dated no one could handle it if they found out all my mental illnesses I have right away and it sucks because I like to be honest. I’m working on going to school next month again and it for sure is a lot of work but there are some options with financial aid that could help you a lot and scholarships and grants that you get free and don’t have to pay back (financial aid is required to be repaid). I would recommend what I’m doing, try to find your passion of work and try to find one that you can work from home so if you need to take a break from getting overwhelmed or have a hard time with anything that it won’t get you into trouble at work because I’ve been let go before for getting upset on the job when I had schizophrenia symptoms when I was first diagnosed with it. It sucks I know but I support you and I believe in you, you got this and you keep looking because the right person is out there for you, I just know it.

  • KrosBone


    I never gave them full details. If they asked what I did for a living. I would just say I'm on SSI. Then they would say "oh" and hang up. I wish I knew where to go to meet women. I have a problem with communication in public. I also live with my parents who don't understand I need my independence. Which only adds to my problems. I'm going to try this web development website I heard about that's supposed to pay you to learn. Hopefully it works. Thank you. I also lost my last two jobs because my issues.

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