if i were put into a mental hospital, then i wouldn’t have to deal with everything stressful that i’m dealing with right now, like school, etc


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  • Pfeiffer


    I have that same thought sometimes. But no one wants to live in a hospital.

  • BellaMari


    Unfortunately you have to deal with it when you get out and it might turn into a cycle. Be careful. If you need it, please by all means, go, but if you can manage without, it's a better idea. Learning how to cope in life is so very important.

  • beezle


    As someone who's been to inpatient several times, I do have to say: it really does give you some room. Organizations like school HAVE to accommodate for your hospital visit. Altho it may out you behind in your work, most teachers can give exemptions. You can even go as far as getting disability services involved, or talk to a school counselor to get that extra help after you're out.

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