are there any other treatments besides surgery for carpel tunnel? the doctors have screwed up both my mom and my sisters hands to the point their disabled. the pain and numbness is really effecting me. I don't want surgery. I've tried braces ice heat creams the only time I get some relief is sleeping sitting up with my arms draped on my sides. otherwise I'm in tears cuz it hurts so bad. I'm 34yrs old.. please help.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

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  • McNeil


    Hey the surgery works on some but I’m not one it has my 1st surgery was in 05 2nd 13 carpal tunnel and corpal tunnel surgeries, still in major pain numbness in right &left hand from tip to shoulder dr says no other surgeries will change prognosis still suffering with so much pain in right arm and I drop stuff can’t pick up stuff especially tiny things fingers at joints paining to bend is a problem on right hand keep glove on so I can pull the numbness together so I can use this hand had 3 surgeries on right arm left arm is numb too but I can use it better even though it pains too, the right gets where I have to beat my arm to straighten out the cramp all the times I use fibromyalgia creams they help sometimes and muscle relaxers and Percocet for pain for my disk in my back and static nerve pain I had to retire from driving the School Bus because of pain in 2013 and hand dropping off steering wheel .. The surgery is not a guarantee u know that wear braces see if that helps some with stays on side more supportive and keeps you stable higher up the arm the better. Put heat on , get a Ten unit and start treatment on yourself that helped a lot those electrical currents like you get at physical Therapy….stretch the wires up the parts of your arm or hand that hurts worse and turn up as high to your comfort set time do it several times it loosens muscles to start working you can use as often as you like….order one off Amazon it’s cheaper unless your dr will order one for you…

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