Has anyone with POTS tried beta blockers? I have a resting heart rate of around 125-130, and it hasn’t gone below 100 in years, except when I sleep. I don’t really have severe blood pressure issues, other than the occasional mild low or high. My main issue is overall dizziness that kind of makes me feel like I am walking around tipsy or exhausted, as well as my heart rate speeding up from nothing and being able to feel the pulsing throughout my entire body. I’ve never tried medication, but i’m thinking of bringing up beta blockers with my doctor. How has your experiences w beta blockers been?






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  • Morguen


    I was started on betaxolol almost as soon as I was diagnosed, which was changed to propanlol when I switched insurance. I’ve been on it so long that I wasn’t even sure it helped - but I forgot to take it one night! Holy hell that day was HORRIBLE. It clearly makes me less dizzy and way less brain fog. I couldn’t live without it.

  • Brynn36


    I was on beta blockers for years. (For like 10 years) Only just recently stoped needing them. That plus IV hydration helped me.

  • AudaCity


    I'm on propanolol and I find it helpful to keep the heart rate spikes and drops in a more reasonable range

  • kab


    Liquid IV & metoprolol has brought me back under 100!

  • Donkeyfarts


    I’m on corlanor and midodrine they’ve helped my hr and bp numbers hugely. I now (usually) have normal-ish vitals. They don’t help my other dysautonomia symptoms though, like the reynauds, the blood pooling, the overall fatigue, etc. IV hydration has helped the fatigue somewhat but I still have a large amount of autonomic dysfunction.

  • Maggs


    I’m on metoprolol, ivabradine, and clonidine… I won’t be stopping any of them because they help too much.

    • outpickingdandelions


      metoprolol <3

  • outpickingdandelions


    Atenolol took me from a resting of 100 to a resting of 60 and I was on it for a year until I stopped tolerating it. Now I am on metoprolol and it is mostly going well! Significantly improves my quality of life.

  • Weeble_Wobble


    I’m on metoprolol & have been since I was diagnosed in 2014. I couldn’t function without it so it’s definitely helped me. While I still have trouble standing and walking without symptoms that’s also improved and I can be seated with no tachycardia. I can even stand and walk slowly without it when I go through good periods.

  • horseylov143


    yes like the others are saying: metoprolol has brought my resting hr from around 115 down to like 70 now! it has brought me the biggest relief from my palpitations too :) also my doctor wanted me to drink 3-4 bottles of gatorade zero today and also i drink liquid IV a lot which is great

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