Would it be bad to get on anti depressant with BPD? Ive heard good and bad stories.


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • queenkilla


    it always sucked the personality out of me and had me on mental highs & lows. lamictal (mood stabilizer) made a huge difference for bpd & bipolar 1. i still have my spark and i have more patience with my 5 year old. with that being said, everyone is different and reacts differently! but ive heard & read that many people (esp on here) had a luck of luck with lamictal

  • queenkilla


    had better luck*

  • Emo_Enby_99


    I find mood stabilizers work better. Vraylar is my favorite that I've tried so far

  • Ashskiles


    I’ve been taking vraylar too and it works really really well. However, I’m currently switching to Latuda because I gained 60+ pounds on it.

  • AnaSloth


    I was taking lithium and I gotta say it was a horrible experience. I felt like a zombie and had no emotions whatsoever.

  • JJ_Spider


    I currently take lithium in the first year was pretty rough because it took away the mania and I felt completely numb. I can’t say that someone with a mood disorder who takes antidepressants may not be getting the best help. A Mood stabilizer is key. However remember none of us on this group are Shrinks. Be sure to consult with a psychiatrist to see what they think

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