I always feel like I put much more effort into relationships than the other person, and idk if it's normal of if it's like anxious habit I have and I get attached to people too much.


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  • KingKoopa85


    I'm the same boat with you. Even in my marriage i feel like it's more give and less take. There is an ebb and flow to all relationships, what I've come to find is not all people express it the same way. Still bums me out from time to time.

  • catlover55


    Me too, but I'm learning to put more effort into relationships that go both ways

  • SalineTurnip


    I feel this way too. I decided a couple of weeks ago to stop trying to keep up with people who don't seem to care about me. I went from texting many people to only texting three. It hurts but it also helps.

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