I can't wait for my case manager gets me out of my mom's place and into my own I'm tired of tending to her 2 perfect little princess (lying, stealing, abusive, destructive, and name calling brats (they mainly do these things to me) my sisters)
my mom only sticks up for them and never me. it's not my turn to do the dishes so my sister started to argue with me while my mom didn't give 2 f**ks about how I was being treated. so my mom turned up the tv to 100 and refused to turn it down when I repeatedly asked her to turn it down. so she finally turned it to 20 and the tv is very loud at 20 so it's kept at 10 so I asked again please turn it down. she turned it up louder until it was back up to 100 so I yelled turn it down and she said it was but every time you talk it gets louder which was a lie she basically said she didn't care about how I feel so if dinner burns it's her fault for refusing to care about the only one who actuality is nice to her although I'm treated like trash by everyone including her because she doesn't care she only cares about her two little princesses Sarah and Wisdom and not me she has never been on my side she's just like Daddy William (my step Dad) when it comes to those two little brats. well she obviously wants me to have a meltdown bc the tv being too loud bc she doesn't care about me.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • BandanaKirby


    She doesn't deserve you. If she tries to get you back, tell her she lost her chance.

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