hello! I'm lex, I'm 28. recently have learned I'm bipolar. but I'm starting to think maybe schizophrenic. how do you manage?

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  • Deathfuffy


    I have schizoaffective which is bipolar 1 and schizophrenia. It’s been hard and the meds have helped a little bit. If you have questions I can try to answer some

  • Celine


    Hey! I’m 27 and I have Bipolar 1; personally I need 8 different meds Morning, noon, and nighttime. I also exercise daily, always keep my home tidy and clean. I also have an ESA pet that is a mini-pig and he really helps me out too. Definitely, meds, exercise, eating is also huge for us (so our meds and minds work), and keeping yourself in a tidy place and with company like a pet or roommate or something is also extremely helpful to me. I have been blessed to have met a man who understands my bipolar, but it took my a decade after being diagnosed for me to be healthy enough for another person. I recommend getting your meds figured out ASAP, and exercising helps with those endorphins and to get out extra anxiety. If you need anything or have any questions please feel free to dm me or something. I’d be HAPPY to talk about your new diagnosis anytime friend!!!💚 I hope this helps you.

  • Mosey


    I have Bipolar 1 w/ psychotic symptoms, but suspect schizoaffective instead. Basically if your psychotic symptoms (hallucinations and the like) show up during mood episodes only than it’s likely Bipolar 1 w/ psychotic features, if they show up outside mood episodes as well then it’s likely schizoaffective.

  • VioletMoonFlower


    sleep is very important, when I do not get enough sleep it triggers delusions

  • Amos_P


    I have schizophrenia PTSD, anxiety and bipolar/major depression. They keep switching the bipolar and depression. I take life one moment at a time. I hear voices some really bad. My meds are helping. Waiting on my disability. I draw, journal and listen to music for coping. I like being alone.

  • ChrisOla


    Hi there, I am also bipolar. I take three medications to help me. Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia? Some symptoms of bipolar disorder may overlap with schizophrenia, but are not to extreme. Sometimes you just need your psych doctor to increase dose or prescribe you something else.. At one point I also thought I had it but the doctor gave me a medication that really helped me a lot. You should look in to it.

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