Were you shamed in elementary school for your body? Prepubescent kids would ask me about my next period, my crushes, my boobs and my bras, my body hair that I wasn’t allowed to shave, and wether or not I got pregnant already. My fourth grade teacher told me to stop spreading rumors about myself. I think that people need to understand that puberty can happen much earlier than the general acceptance range of 10-16.

Precocious sexual development and puberty

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  • RhetoricalYou


    I definitely had that problem in kindergarten when my breasts started coming in. Other kids would compliment me and say they were jealous of me, but all it did was make me deeply uncomfortable

    • Chicken_Sandwich


      wow I never got compliments, but like, now I do.

  • BeePxl


    Yes, I was accused of stuffing my bra in third grade because my boobs were "too big" for a fourth grader even though i started growing boobs when i was 5.

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