What medications for your thyroid worked. What helps overall health?



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  • Ziggy29


    I used levothyroxine for years until I started juicing ……primary beets, cabbage, bananas , carrots , apples , pineapples and celery . For added flavor I would add blueberries or strawberries to make it more palatable especially if I added Kale which is horrible 😣 tasting . I am off all thyroid meds…. I don’t profess it works for everyone but it did for me. I stared juicing every day and once I lost tons of weight and the sluggishness I scaled it down to twice a week . When I juice that is ALL I consume that day nothing else other than water. I watch my anemia and my b-12 levels so I take OTC iron and B - complex supplements…. SUBLINGUAL or liquid ….

  • Bananababe


    That’s super helpful. I think I want to buy a juicer now

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