Could I get some people's opinions on my current life situation? huge tw for sexual abuse and stuff

so basically I personally believe my dad sexually abused me from 8 and a half to 12 every week and about 4 times at 13 and 14. when I was 14 I tried to run away and then I just couldn't and went back home, I told my mom about it, she at first comforted me then screamed at me and screamed and screamed because she felt I was lying. After that I gave in because she would not talk to me for three days and told her I was lying (she threatened to go against me in court). I ended up called cps maybe 4 months later because I couldn't handle it and already had tried to od. My dad had a criminal case open and it was immediately closed, there was no evidence. In treatment they diagnosed me with psychotic depression, which means those 6 years of abuse I remembered was fake? I don't believe that but still I was forced to either stay in treatment or go back home. Well, now I'm home and struggling very very badly. What do you think i should do?

Depressive type psychosis


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • dandelion_flower


    That sounds absolutely horrible. I am so, SO sorry you had to go through that. I'm proud of you for calling cps, even if they couldn't do anything. It doesn't sound like something you made up, and even if you did, that is still trauma and still valid and I'm here for you. If you're 18+, I advise you try and move out as quickly as possible. They cannot stop you from doing that. If you're a minor, there are still many options such as getting emancipated or taking medications to cope, finding friends either irl or online and talking to them about it if you feel comfortable doing so. Try and gather evidence against your father if you really want to do something about him later. For now, I'm proud of you for reaching out after dealing with this for so long. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. I really hope you get out of that environment safely. 💕

    • sageblanl


      thanks this mean a lot to me. I plan on moving out in a year when I'm 18, Im terrified of how they will react though because they know I won't talk to them. I have some friends, they keep moving away though it's okay. Anyways yeah I appreciate this comment a lot, it's encouraged me to keep hanging on until I can leave.

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