I feel like my depression is caused because of the way I’m treated by some of my family especially sons and daughter in law’s that’s destroyed our family and I don’t get to have a relationship with most of my grandchildren


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  • KayBMe


    I am so sorry to hear this. I have had the same exact experience in my family. It is so hurtful but it’s really something that hurts the grandchildren mostly because they are losing out on people who the can love and share experiences with. My heart goes out to you and that this will be resolved soon. No one answer can fix this situation. Mine is still ongoing and has resulted in the children growing into adults. As adults, they don’t know me or my family. It is very sad and it breaks my heart. I’ve reached out several times but they are busy with their own lives now. Unfortunately, I need to go on with my life and hope they reach out to me one day. I will not stop hoping to have a relationship and show them the love I’ve had for them all these years. Sending you best wishes. I hope this helps and let’s you know that you aren’t alone. )))hugs(((

  • HappyHipsterTS



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