I've been so frustrated recently abiut my art. On social media I see so many people rising to the top creating wonderful finished works, detailed and furbished. Meanwhile I have so much trouble even starting and staying motivated for a piece. I usually just sketch it out and abandon it. I've tried coming back to them the next day but by then the inspiration is gone. Sometimes I can't even assemble the shapes to make coherent lines.

I've tried many mediums. Digital art is my top. Traditional, painting, finger painting frustration. It all ends up a faliure some way or another.

I miss when I was younger and had more pip to my step. I could finish works, granted not all, but at least something.

And for some reason it's died down.

Sometimes I even blame graduating high school because every time I was bored sitting in a classroom, I could always pick up a pen and think of something.

Now I rely on my own wits.

I'm just really frustrated and afraid this means I can never pursue my dreams as an artist because of it.

Wanted to be an animator a long time ago, but I didn't seem to have the patience for it. The inspiration would die the next day, leaving the day's previous work unfinished.


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • forknado


    hey! this is just art block, and it will pass. i know it feels like a wall that you cant get past, but just keep trying-- the cycle will break soon. when i get into an art block i like to look for new content to give me inspiration, or even revisit old content. try drawing every day, even if it feels useless, you can throw it away if you want to. just scribble, color, do anything to just put something onto your canvas. you can do it.

    • Clever


      This has been happening since 2020 but thank you for your words. I've tried doing the drawing every day thing but I just end up staring at a white canvas with no ideas.

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