anyone else have bad masklophobia?

its where you don't like mascots or masks. (i.e. sports mascots, Easter bunny, etc)

I've always been irrationally afraid of the easter bunny. ever since my first Easter, I cried or threw up every time I saw it. when I was younger, it was more genuine fear of the actual costume and how life like and life size it was and creepy. and how I couldn't truly grasp the fact that he could just be someone in a costume.

but I think now, it goes more for any kind of mask or mascot, because they're all creepy to me now and life like. and I genuinely believe that anyone in one of them or wearing a full-faced mask, where you can't see an inch of face, could be a predator. and the fact the easter bunny has LITERAL CHILDREN SITTING ON HIS LAP FOR PHOTOS?!

I'm still afraid of the costume. don't get me wrong. but I think now it's become a fear of the unknown is my problem. but I just don't know what to do


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  • ix


    An understandable fear even if perceived as irrational. I do not have the phobia but respect you.

  • Scuba_Amy


    Are you afraid of it when it’s not on someone’s body? Just sitting on the ground? Perhaps exposing yourself to it when it’s just sitting on the ground and putting part or all of it on yourself. Then your brain can look at from “it’s just fabric” perspective.

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