Has anyone found a like between multiple mental health diagnoses and chronic pain and/or endometriosis?

Chronic Pain

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  • QueenOfCrohns


    Idk scientifically what it the link is, but there definitely is a link between mental and physical health issues. You’re much more prone to developing chronic pain/gi disorders if you also suffer from severe anxiety or depression or other mental illnesses of that nature. My crohn’s and celiac both came out of hibernation after severe bouts of stress and trauma. Idk for sure, but I feel like endometriosis could do a similar thing just because stress affects your hormones. But check with your doctor, of course!

  • YumYumRoll


    The link is it’s mentally draining to be in chronic pain and not believed! I see mental illnesses as a comorbidity to disability, chronic pain, and living in a society that does not accommodate you.

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