I am really having trouble. I live independently and work remote. And have recently gone through divorce. My kids are older teenagers. I feel isolated and not sure what to do. There are times where both my depression and anxiety get really bad that I want to go inpatient but I don’t go because I don’t wanna be treated lake a mental patient I’ve tried five different medication

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • seaborn


    I feel you. Been inpatient 7 times over 6 years, but not since 2013, when we started treating my chronic pain, trauma, and mental issues together. I'm also very isolated, but blessed that I live with my adult daughter and my parents. Can't remember what having friends is like....

  • Khrysstee


    I TOTALLY understand!!!

  • Cindy33


    Sounds hard! If you feel isolated maybe you can meet up with a friend or one of your kids? Also to going to inpatient is not something to be ashamed about if it makes you feel better. I hope you to go through this time as quickly as possible!

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