How do you folks deal with your executive dysfunction? 🧐

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • IcePrincess


    I read a LOT about it and try to do things to help clue me in.

  • kittenintheyarn


    NOT well lol

  • seducedbymadness


    @kittenintheyarn You & me both 💕

  • Scarlet9904


    The best I can but there's times that it isn't working at all lol

  • stylin_star


    Sometimes, I try thinking about how other people will feel happy with me if I do. "If I do the dishes, it will help my parents not stress out." *If i think about how someone will be upset with me if I DON'T do it, this trick doesn't work. There have to be positive connotations. (I hear a lot of "dO iT fOr ✨yourself✨ NoT aNyOnE eLsE" but it's like... homie, if I don't do it "for" someone else IT WILL NOT GET DONE) this method doesn't always work, but it sometimes does.

  • Emo_Enby_99


    "Must work so kitty can be comfy" "don't buy that extra electronic device so you can afford to take kitty to vet" "pay the bills so you have a home for your partner"

  • SunFish


    I make yassified to-do lists. I like the idea of decorating a list and crossing off the tasks. Usually I don’t complete everything on the list, just the easy tasks. But, I add a lot of easy tasks so most of the list is crossed off and it makes me feel better about not completing everything

  • cary


    Not well at all but i try

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