Hello I have two questions. My PTSD is the worst it’s been. Two strange things are happening now that it’s in full throttle mode:
1. I have flashbacks, not to the particular abuse situation but any memory that had some negativity attached to it.

2. I can’t seem to socialize or anything. Picking up the phone and texting back is so hard. The idea of having to hang out with somebody and know they will never understand what I’ve been through and try to act normal for a couple hours it super scary. Plus I’ve become very mistrusting.
Any thoughts guys? I don’t have a therapy session until April so any information to give me some understanding of what is happening would be great.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Memory Loss

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  • Rudolf


    This is completely normal. You are nowhere near alone on this. You went through something horrible and your brain is trying to process it. Be patient and gentle with yourself. It will get better my friend 😊❤️

  • QuinnS


    Thank you so much rudolf! Definitely was scared of these new symptoms! I’ve had PTSD for 5 years but had it under control until now! Really appreciate the encouragement

  • jdubz


    do you have a psychiatrist? if you do, let them know about the flashbacks. they may prescribe prazosin to help.

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