Hello Everyone, I wanted to find out if the pain in all of my toes is uncommon/ unique to Me. The Pain is limited to where the toes “connect” to my feet. The Pain in my toes started 17 months ago. It is excruciating 24/7. My only somewhat remedy is to apply topical pain creams to my toes and it brings the pain down quite a bit. This helps for about 7 hours and the pain returns. I do have problems with sciatica, lower back and hip pain. Does anyone know of remedies for this pain ?

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  • GammyGaga


    I have the same problem. I haven’t been able to find anything to reduce the pain levels when flares up. I pray you find relief soon.

  • Lani_Girl


    I hate flare ups. I'm in bed for 2 or 3 days when I'm flaring. You can sometimes flare for weeks or even months. Learn to pace yourself. Even if you feel your best, don't jump the gun and over do yourself.

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