Sometimes I have such vivid memories of past things. Usually things that were not good or things I miss. But sometimes they’re so vivid I can’t even focus on the moment. I can see the details so clearly. For instance, the other day I was at an event that I’d been looking forward to for months. Sometimes I could focus on what was happening and try to enjoy it, but even then with nothing specific triggering it, my mind kept wandering and the vivid memories kept interrupting. Anybody else?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mimi05


    The same thing happens to me when i am driving and i tend to cry all the way to where ever i am going....i dont have a way to deal with it yet but i understand how it feels.

  • Indygirl


    I have those in dreams a lot and when I ask ppl if they happened they did. Or sometimes I have memories while awake that were never memories that happened to me and that perplexes me cuz they are so real

  • Jubilee87


    Yes, always. I'm so sorry. My dreams are the same. I can see, feel, taste, smell everything even in dreams. It's torture. I often can't enjoy the moment either because I can be overwhelmed by things I miss or things that happened to me. I'm sorry. 😔

  • MatchaBunn


    Yeah, I have emotional flashbacks to the times in the past, connected to those bad memories. It makes it really hard to focus on the present, and I keep having those intrusive thoughts. The thing that really worked for me was starting EMDR therapy, which was hard, but started to help me work though those memories that are “stuck” in my body.

  • anemone


    i have them a lot more often for the future than i do the past - sometimes i have conversations with people that are so real that i think they actually happened

  • ivy77


    Journaling daily helps me. I have trauma flashbacks on a daily bases. I switch my thinking right away, listen to music 🎶 or do some crafts or something that I enjoy doing. 💕✋❤️

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