To my folks who also have depression: i just wanted to share my story thus far because i feel i should. I finally started medication (on duloxetine 30mg) and have been feeling so much better. It hasn’t really changed me as a person, but i feel a LOT more motivated and in control of my emotions. Also the fact that i was super scared to take meds (i have had bad med experiences and have been super against meds for a long time) and conquered that fear / shame makes me really proud of myself. I was told to take this med after taking a DNA swab test, which i highly recommend. I still lose hope sometimes, but i don’t feel hopeless… like i did before. If that makes sense. There is hope. That’s my message. Any baby steps you can take are BIG steps when you have depression. So be patient with yourself, keep an eye out on what those steps are, work toward making them, and take them. Don’t lose hope. I’m definitely not where I want to be in my life, but I am getting there. And i think that’s my point… this is the first time i’ve felt proud of myself in so long after years of crying, loneliness, numbness and suicidal thoughts… i’ve realized taking care of yourself like you would someone you’re responsible for and love is THE most important thing to accomplish. keep going y’all. ❤️



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  • LoganLust


    Truly happy for your progress, I myself am against medication but I am glad it has helped you!

  • lazydaisy


    @loganlust thank you so much ❤️ it’s definitely a risk, like any esp since i still experience some side effects but i think it is fine for temporary use to get myself back on my feet at least🙏

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