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What would you say is your most difficult illness?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • ButterflyEffect


    Definitely the DID and anxiety -Chels

    • DID_Identifier


      Agreed 100% except I would add the PTSD to mine. I find it difficult to do normal day to day stuff when they want to be loud and annoying and just won't hush.

      • ButterflyEffect


        Understandable, how large/small of a system are you guys?

  • CeruleanCian


    Never feeling a whole person is probably the hardest because we all want autonomy and sharing that but feeling fractured can be difficult -Elijah/Flora

  • Wentz


    DID and bipolar. I have 14 alters -Wentz

  • Mirage13


    I would say for the longest time it was my PMDD, but lately it's been DID. I've been fragmenting since I've come to terms that I likely had it and doubly so after receiving a diagnosis just last week. It feels like everything I've known has been turned upside down and is majorly confusing.

  • B_Legion


    Definitely the DID. We’re over 60 people, and just getting to the point of actually receiving care that was plural positive has been a nightmare. The process of it has ultimately been worth it, but the constant lack of compatibility with therapists, denial to provide care from therapists, and general lapse in care between our last good therapist and our current one has been hell. A hell that ultimately ended up increasing our number of headmates by at least 20? We’re still figuring that out. It’s hard being so many people when not all of you know each other well enough to communicate well and cooperate well as a community it makes everything worse (in that DID basically compounds the difficulty of other issues) and gets in the way of pursuing treatment for other serious mental health concerns, or neurodivergence accomadation, support, and education (and possibly medication), due to by our specific situation, demanding primary consideration and focus over all else. I’m sure we’ll reach the point where our DID becomes less disordered, and more healthy and stable; but it’s going to be a long road.

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