I have been off of lamotrigine for 2 weeks now. and I am wondering if I am still going through withdrawals or am I still just in my own head. what withdrawals did ypu go through and how long did it take?


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  • LadyPhoenix


    I tapered off of lamotrigine and did not experience any withdrawal. I went from 200 twice a day, to 200 in the AM and 100mg in the PM for a week, then 200mg in the AM for a week, then 100mg in the AM for a week, and then done. Maybe I was just lucky.

    • LadyPhoenix


      Of course, I was off meds for a month and a half and then went into a depression and am restarting Lamotrigine now...frustrated that I have to start at 25mg again.

  • Or


    I accidentally half dosed myself a month or so ago and it knocked me on my ass for a week before the dose got corrected in my body. A lot of it was emotional, very intense moods and big fast mood swings. I was tired and couldn’t focus at all. I was also so irritable, I just stayed away from people. Also headaches.

  • Jpenn552


    Yeah, I'm supposed to be getting off of Topamax, but I remember trying to get off of Lamictal once. It wasn't pleasant, but it's probably because I have a delicate balance with Topamax.

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