Breakdown about having to complete my internship. I’m halfway through and I just went on vacation, but I really don’t want to finish it or continue. I have to go back today and it just feels like a burden, the past week or so I’ve felt kind of out if it and I used to get this sort of unmotivated physical feeling before I was on Prozac and it’s come back apparently. I’m also on my period technically (but I take birth contorl because my period makes me more anxious) and so that doesn’t help. I just have this feeling of not wanting to do anything for the rest of summer break. So now I’m crying because I really don’t want to go. I’m a rising senior in high school and I’m 17 and going to be 18 in three months and I feel ridiculous for being like this but I can’t control it. I feel kind of just upset and overstimulated right now so thinking about having to go do something and socialize is hurting. I’m forcing myself to go because this internship is 100 hours and by completing it I guess I’m more professional, right now I don’t feel professional. I just can’t stand it, and I’m also going to be evaluated for autism soon probably because of some of my similarities to what behavior is associated to it. I really just don’t want to do this.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • rj.crow


    If it’s potentially autism, I’d definitely recommend getting a subtle stim toy to keep with you, like a spinny ring or one of those lava lamp type desk things. They help me when I feel overwhelmed. And to be completely honest, nobody really feels professional. I’ve met exactly 0 adults who say they always know what they’re doing. I know it’s a lot right now and really overwhelming, but things will calm down and you’ll start to figure out what you need and want to do.

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