Who’s good at pep talks? 🥴
Today is day 1 of a family vaca for a wedding where 13 of us are in one house. We just arrived a couple hours ago. And I was all gung ho, excited for the week, I handled the ride pretty well and just started a headache the last 15min of the 8hr trip. Of course 😅
Now that we’re moved in, showered, snacked and wait for dinner, and all of today’s people are in, my headache is so much worse. My body is so sore. I’m exhausted and am ready for bed.
The rest of them are playing games, chatting, already engaged in family antics and I’m dead on a couch. I feel so embarrassed and like I’m a fun sucker.

Chronic Headache



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  • Meesie


    I can totally relate. I get so pumped up and then fall on my face or my mood just turns. We had an event that required the entire weekend. I was so excited. The first night was good. The second night o was just kind you. Tired, sore, heavy. We were with 3 other couples. This dinner last 5 hours. Everyone drinking and eating. I don’t drink anymore since all this. I just wanted my hotel room/bed and heating pad. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace.

  • angieleegee


    You’re not a fun sucker at all- what’s good about family is you can just be. Listen to your body so you can hopefully enjoy some of your vacation. Sending you love

  • Invisible


    💕Enjoy yourself and listen to your body. Stress is not good for us. Be your own best friend.

  • Noodlemum


    Be proud you showed up! Take courage in the small things, and allow yourself to rest. But most importantly do NOT beat yourself up. This does not make you worth less in any way, shape, or form. You bring your own special spark to your family. Coming from someone who has 12 in my immediate family, I can somewhat sympathize with this. Often I find being on the couch dead to the world is where I am. Here if you wanna chat or need prayer ^_^

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