I feel like most of my life is a lie. Yeah I have friends but I have no one I can call when I’m feeling suicidal or I want to give up. No one knows just how much I’m struggling and all the external accomplishments I’m making feel just external and material (not internal). I just have to constantly push through and hope I can find a way out of depression and poverty. I’m tired and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish there was an easy way out.

Suicidal ideation



Adult psychological abuse

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  • Kelliemoon


    ✋ i’m new just join five minutes ago and I read your message first. I feel your pain I’ve been there time and time again if you can find one joyous moment in your past hang onto that because we are put here for a reason. you have a purpose and I just learned at 55 years old that I do too.

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