am I doing the right thing taking a calcium channel blocker for this condition? I have only been taking it while skiing. should I be seeing a vascular doctor? instead of a rheumatologist or nerve doctor? sometimes my feet prick and burn so bad.


Raynaud's Syndrome


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  • KJWolf


    😥 I haven't taken anything for my Raynaud's, directly.

  • Dodgegirl


    My doctor put me on a channel blocker for the raynauds it helps

  • Pixy23


    Almodipine helped me, but I also got wheezing with it so I stopped taking it. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I have never been given anything besides that.

  • coffeemama


    My doctor hasn't put me on anything for it but she did tell me that the best thing to do is avoid cold temperatures for ling periods of time. That's not always possible but it is helpful. 🤷

  • Gardener22


    I’m on a channel blocker as well. It’s important to take it regularly while also keep your feet warm and dry.

  • Julz4me


    I was started out on a calcium channel blocker .. it helped a little .. talked with my rheumatologist about not feeling well on it and he switched me to Viagra .. i’m 80% better .. hope the best for you!

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