Insomnia remedies. Edibles are not helping




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  • graceflo


    I haven't had a good night of sleep in months. Purchased a lot of remedies and taken them without success.

  • artistmomof5


    I use an herbal tea from Apothekary called 'Do not disturb'

  • Reallyhopeful


    I have trouble finding just one thing that helps me with insomnia. Some days I found that warm milk, melatonin, relaxing music, meditation, hot tea and reading will help me sleep. But sometimes that won't even help me. I wish I knew the answer because I've suffered with insomnia for many years. Right now I'm taking trazodone. Sometimes it helps me. But I cannot find just one thing that works every night. If I'm over tired, nothing helps me, except passing out in a chair or couch while watching TV! Try a variety of things and see what works for you. You can get more ideas from Google! Good luck! Let us know what helps you when you find it!

  • DrGoat


    I use Melatonin plus Sleepy Time tea. Plus I try to remind myself once in a while to study up again about sleep hygiene. Pinterest has some good information on that

  • chickybones


    Benadryl helps alot. I take 4 of the pills

  • luteallady


    Melatonin, a neck gaiter over my eyes, ear plugs, and sleep music from Spotify

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