In addition to my anxiety disorder I have mild tremors in my hands, arms and legs. They only happen with certain muscle movements. It been like this for a few years now. They are there even when I don’t have anxiety but I don’t notice them as much then. When the anxiety kicks up they become very noticeable and kind of perpetuate my anxiousness. I’ve had brain and spine scans done and seen a neurologist but no underlying cause or condition has been found. So here I am with this thing that really bothers me, and I have to constantly tell myself “it’s nothing, it’s nothing” all why still deeply feeling like it’s something. Can anyone else relate, and do you have any encouragement because it really wears on me.

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  • Sleak67


    Have you been diagnosed with a movement disorder? My tremors get way worse any kind of stress. Anxiety and panic attacks are stressful to

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