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Anxiety with muscle tremors/tensing/tics?? Does anyone else experience a anxiety/panic attack that produces muscle tremors? For me it’s usually a silent attack, I can sometimes recognize that I’m anxious, but it usually doesn’t cause hyperventilation, a general “panic” feeling, or anything like that. I usually just experience chest and/or arm pain, chest pressure and/or discomfort, and then the shaking and tensing starts. This usually happens once every few months, my usual anxiety doesn’t cause this extreme of symptoms. These also usually occur at night time when I’m relaxing or getting ready to go to bed. Has anyone found a way to stop these? Or reduce duration or severity? I don’t take any medications for anxiety anymore. I’ve been off them for 1 1/2 years (if that helps any?)?

    • legdaybae


      Speaking of cold, I can't remember where I found this suggestion, but to calm my nervous system and activate my vagus nerve, I've been using an ice cube along the sides of my neck and down across my collar bone for about 30s per side and that seems to help me when my weird anxiety has me just pacing around my apartment because I can't sit or relax about anything

    • Quinnbeth


      Hi! So this happens to me too, it’s not quite a panic attack for me but it’s more than just an anxiety attack. Mine happen at night seemingly out of nowhere - I think it’s to do with subconscious thoughts and anxiety that suddenly surface at once resulting in this attack. For me, I find that sitting on a cold floor (think tile or wood) help me calm down. I also recently found that sucking on a slice of lemon or lime can help take away the panicking because of how sour they are. Other than this I use love hemp cbd capsules - I take two 600mg when I feel it coming on and it’s usually calmed down within half an hour. Feel free to message me and chat more about this! It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one :)

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Some individuals have shared their experiences with anxiety and muscle tremors, twitching, or shaking. These symptoms can be exacerbated during periods of stress or anxiety attacks. While some people may not experience hyperventilation or a general panic feeling, they still report muscle-related symptoms. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice on managing these symptoms and exploring potential treatment options.

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