I’m starting my first year of college tomorrow. To say the least, I’m terrified. Mostly of getting lost on campus, and just pretty much everything. any advice?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • tiramisu


    Anxiety is normal in situations like this! If you have a medication you take for anxiety when needed I definitely recommend taking it before you leave the house

  • Lunarr


    If you're new to campus, professors and upperclassman are very understanding that you might not know your way around. If you need help finding a building or classroom don't be afraid to ask someone, the first week is always kind of confusing and stressful for everyone regardless of grade level so just remember that lots of other folks feel this way, too, you're not alone 😊 The first day also, much like high school, consists of going over the syllabus and ice breaker activities. It's very unlikely you'll have an assignment on the first day and if you do I severely doubt it'll be difficult, so you will have some time to adjust to the environment and whatnot College can be intimidating but at the end of the day it's just more school except now you can swear in class and maybe call teachers by their first names lol. In my experience most first year classes are purposefully easier or similar to high school courses to help ease your transition You're gonna do great, just remember to breathe and that no one expects you to be perfect 😁

  • hannahslay


    if you have any family who’s been there before, definitely stick with them. they’ll definitely be there to find all your classes.

  • Princess4171


    Make conversations with anyone. No matter what you will always find someone that is just as nervous as you and when you do then it usually ends up that you both don't feel as nervous. Now I know it is nervous going up to some one ,but be open minded. There probably nervous too

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