Anyone been on trintillix 10mg for anxiety and depression

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Generalized pain

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  • drsmerfmaster


    I am currently on it but a higher dose. when I went on that and my other antidepressant it was like something clicked

  • LoLo219


    I just started 10mg never been on it only been on remeron and Valium for the last few years and it worked! I moved states n have new drs n psychiatrist and I got all my meds back but the valium which I'm pretty upset about it cuz I finally got relief from that combo

  • techgal83


    I was on that medication and it worked great for until I started having nose bleeds daily. This didn't happen until they raised the dosage

  • Tomato


    I was on trintellix for a few months. It made me really nauseous and it bothered me so I asked to move to another drug

  • layayaya


    I just started taking 10mg too! Hoping it works because trying to get the cost down on it was a pain in mine and my doctor’s butts!

  • RosieFairy


    It did work for me for a while but the side effects were almost unbearable. I did really like it except for that but I have a feeling you're going to encounter stories like this with every med 👍

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