Do you find it’s hard to talk to people about IBD? Or that people don’t understand the condition?


Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Arthralgia, Arthropathy

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  • Tokyo


    I find that people don’t really understand the complexity of this disease. They’re just like “so you just have diarrhea sometimes?”, they know nothing about abscess, fistulas, fissures or joint pain

  • Fernworld


    Yes, exactly. I have been out of work because of an abscess and I feel like no one understands why I’ve needed to take so much time. I had complications with the abscess and a fistula.

  • s.jco


    Yesss I’ve had issues with abscesses and fistulas as well and I’m currently taking the whole year off of school. I initially was embarrassed about it because it’s all focused on your gut, colon, rectum … all the “icky” stuff. And symptoms are usually “icky” too. I’m recentlyyyy diagnosed and I’m already trying to be really open about it because I want people to try to understand that it’s more than j an upset tummy ya know

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