hi I'm Tim.
I've had type 1 diabetes since 2006. I need alot of help but I'd like to get my a1c below's 8.6 last time I checked..I stay in a care center..I'm long term. ty ahead of time.

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Purplegirl


    I've been Type 1 since 2019 and I struggle

  • stargazer2540


    πŸ‘ I still struggle purplegirl

  • Pattycake


    Hi my A1C is 6.7. It seems to be creeping up. I am on a pump. The struggle has been real the last few months and wearing on me. I was just diagnosed with T1D coming up on 3 yrs. Idk if I am coming out of the honeymoon phase or what is going on.

  • stargazer2540


    ❀️❀️@pattycake has your A1C always been near this and going up? Or have you gotten it down from a higher number and it's going back up? I've found a happy medium with no bread..hard to do lol lemme tell ya

  • Pattycake


    Stargazer2540 I was maintaining at 5.7 and now on a rollercoaster ride. I am trying to cut out bread now. Hopefully that helps.

  • stargazer2540


    πŸ‘ good start my last one was 7. struggling with my sugars..I just woke with a 207 Bs and last night 176. All I had was a pb&j with diabetic jelly.. how about we trade 😁 if you are near five I would love me if you'd like to talk more..I need some pointers

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