I have chronic pain but I’ve stopped using my cane because my doctors want me to strengthen my joints. I’m feeling a lot of imposter syndrome because of it. I most likely wouldn’t benefit from my cane either because it started hurting my wrist early May.

I feel so non-disabled because though my disabilities are physical, it’s not visible unless I use a mobility aid. Not only that but I’m able to exercise and I’m even a part of my schools color guard, though it causes a bunch of knee and hip pain.

I just wish someone would see me struggling without babying me or telling me that I don’t have it as bad :(

Chronic Pain

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Chronic Pain

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  • Phattieinphilly


    I totally understand!!! I'm literally in the same situation! I want to buy a cane for my knee pain, but I'm scared my family will think that I'm dramatic because I can walk in heels and run and jump. I see your struggles 🫶🏾 You're valid 💕💕💕

  • Weiss


    I totally get it.. my back is SCREWED but when I used a cane, my doctor's reports read so sarcastically. "Claims using a cane helps with the pain." Seems like they don't listen. A cane helps me with my instability and my anxiety about falling. I can't do a lot of exercise anymore and I try so hard to be more mobile. But I have balance issues. I'm not sure but if your wrist hurts, the handle may be the problem, or you're overly relying on it, or that to it's not the right height, or your wrist just hurts lol. Anyway, remember to use a cane on the opposite side to the side that is in pain or weak. If you're good on all that, which you probably are, don't be afraid of what people think about it. They can't understand how you feel and they don't need to be judging you. I believe as long as you're being treated, you'll recover and get stronger. Just don't be ashamed of using something to help. It's not your job to make others understand. It's your job to live your life to the fullest.

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