Alike Talks: POTS in the Spotlight with Iris Kim

POTS, short for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome affects an estimated 500,000 to One Million people living in the United States alone. POTS can be found in all ages, genders and races but mostly young women. Since POTS is a disorder of the Autonomic Nervous System it is referred to as an “autonomic disorder” or “dysautonomia.” Symptoms of this condition can include tachycardia, chest pains, lightheadness, fainting, nausea, severe gastrointestinal distress, migraines, blood pooling in the extremeties, shaking, too much or too little sweating, sensitivity to cold or warm environments, and cognitive impairments (“brain fog”), to name some.

We caught up with Alike user Iris KIm to learn more about her journey with this condition. Kim is a senior in high school and on her way to study Linguistics in college next year. She was diagnosed with chronic headaches 7 years ago but only received her POTS diagnosis this year. Kim is a self-proclaimed art lover and enjoys listening to music and reading - or anything she can enjoy while sitting down!

"My own perseverance is what helps me get through"

Watch her interview and inspiring journey and tips to thriving alongside chronic conditions:

Thank you Iris for reminding us that the path to diagnosis may not always be easy, but with the help of your Alikes and self-advocacy, managing your conditions can be made easier and a fufilling life awaits!

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