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I gain validation and a sense of belonging.
Interacting with fellow individuals experiencing similar health challenges through the Alikes community has proven invaluable. It provides a supportive space where I can freely ask and answer questions related to my condition.
Iris Kim
Great place to ask questions and talk about your struggles.
I have been a member of Alike for 9 months now, it's my favorite app for chronic illness and disability. It's completely free and is full of people who are going through similar things as you. It's a great place to ask questions and talk.
Alike is the best online peer support there is.
Personally, I have been through 4 in person peer support programs, and none of them have lasted or been as helpful and effective as Alike. I am proud to be an advocate. I can help so many people!
We can create a more compassionate world.
It's incredibly empowering to stand tall and say, "This is me, and I won't hide anymore." I've discovered the importance of surrounding myself with people who love and support me.
Emma Maxwell
I want to share my personal journey in my own voice.
I hope my story resonates with others facing their own journeys, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles and that a life filled with hope and resilience is possible
Ara Schneider
Engaging with others who share similar experiences is essential.
Connecting with individuals who understand what we're going through helps alleviate that loneliness and provides a supportive community where we can find solace.
Christine McCaffrey

If there’s nothing to identify,
there’s nothing to protect.

At Alike we took privacy to the extreme. No Personal Identified Information (PII) is kept on the system at all. It’s called
“De-identification,” and it means that any signifier of you instantly vanishes from our system. It’s like you never existed in our files.

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Privacy lock

Three simple steps.

Number 1

Build your
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Connect to your healthcare provider at a tap of a button, or enter it manually. We then use your clinical data to generate your Alikeness Score™ and match you with precision, enabling you to make meaningful connections with people who share the same medical journey.

Number 2

Get matched.

With access to the medical care your Alikes are getting, you can ask your doctor smarter questions and make better-informed decisions along your health journey.

Number 3

Engage with
your Alikes.

Ask questions, get support, and share experiences with people who are connected by the same medical profile.

Find people who are
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medical reality

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