What is it?

Atlantoaxial Instability refers to the instability of the the atlantoaxial joint - an important "transitional zone" in the cervical spine. The instability can be caused by regenerative and by traumatic reasons.

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Signs & symptoms

Signs for atlantoaxial instability include:
- Neck pain
- Neurologic symptoms - loss of sensation, loss of muscle contracture, incontinence, fecal leakage.


To diagnose atlantoaxial instability your healthcare provider may inspect you about your symptoms, medical history. He or she will conduct a physical examination to check for any neurological deficits. Then, they may refer you to a neck X-ray to check for dislocations and fractures.


Depending on the underlying disease, your healthcare provider may suggest surgery or conservative treatment (non-surgical treatment, including: physical therapy, occupational therapy, alternative medicine).

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